MEDEG - what can we do for you?


MEDEG - Consulting

The customer lies right at the heart of all of our work. That you are satisfied with our services, consultation and delivery service is our highest priority.

The consultation we provide ensures that we always identify the very best solution for your product, since our motto is: 'Good advice isn't expensive, but saves costs'.

We support you as a company working nationally and also internationally and help you to hit your targets quicker. We stand by our customers in all aspects of logistics, starting with best practice concepts going all the way through to completely redesigning strategies.

Individual consultation and a highly unique focus on the customer are our philosophy throughout the entire consulting process. We look forward to meeting you.



MEDEG - Service

Are you looking for a service provider with expertise, experience, slim and flexible structures that focuses on your needs? Let us talk to you about it:

Logistics is our passion: We optimise, design and create transport and logistics processes according to your requirements. Our flexible logistics products and first-class service means that we provide our customers with an all important competitive edge.

We remove borders for you and create a smooth goods flow by using 'Authorised consignee' or 'Authorised consignor' as our customs statuses.



MEDEG - Expertise

Our experienced employees help you to discover your potential for development by offering you comprehensive and individual advice. As a result, your desire to be one step ahead of the competition is a priority that always remains in the fore for us.

We analyse your flow of commodities right down to the finest details so that we can create a thorough evaluation system. In the next stage, our expert employees create a logistics concept that is scenario-based, and customised to suit your needs.

In light of the constant change present in the logistics sector, these innovations are essential and also guarantee that our customers have access to the latest expert knowledge. A distinctive network combined with excellent employees always ensures that we have the power we need to be innovative.