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MEDEG - Environment management logistics

A well functioning economy is simply not possible without logistics. As a modern logistics company, we are aware of how transport and commerce put strain on the environment.
Unfortunately, it is impossible to avoid putting any strain on the environment.

As an international company, we take responsibility every day for making our transport as environmentally-friendly as possible.

By carefully planning transport routes, we are constantly improving the efficiency and capacity available on particular modes of transport.

Medeg Logistics attempts to combine rail and road transport wherever possible. Our selected transport partners are committed to reducing emissions by using the latest motor engineering and by training their driving personnel.



MEDEG - Environment management company

We have defined goals for all business divisions so that they can develop in a way that is sustainable and environmentally-friendly. Our environment management centres around the provisions of the ISO 14001 standard.

We are constantly monitoring and improving the following areas thanks to internal quality control checks:


MEDEG - Environment management network partner

In our mission statement, we have committed ourselves to doing business in an eco and environmentally-friendly way. We only set our company targets by including ecological aspects. In practice, this means that products and services are generated or rendered in a way that puts as little strain on the environment as possible. This mission statement particular affects how we select our network partners, such as our partner for parcel logistics, DPD Switzerland.

DPD takes its responsibility for the environment very seriously. As part of the company's strategy for entrepreneurial responsibility, DPD has committed itself to reducing the impact its business dealings have on the planet. As a parcel and express service provider, DPD recognises that the company's greatest challenge is in reducing CO2 emissions. However, at the same time the company sees this as the best opportunity to set an example for others in the industry.

Total Zero is the name of DPD's commitment to neutralising CO2.

Thanks to Total Zero, DPD is able to ensure that each parcel sent across the company's network is CO2 neutral without this costing the customer any more.