MEDEG - because quality makes the difference


MEDEG - quality that convinces

MEDEG is a reliable partner, a trait that is evident in the quality of our products and services.

We want to meet the expectations that you have for our products which is why we are constantly working to improve our system. Our management system makes sure that the standards for TQM international regulations are observed.

In doing so, we consider it a duty for each individual to strive towards giving their top performance. As a result, our focus on the quality of our goods and services is a focus that all of our employees at our company understand to be a given.



MEDEG - Quality Management

Customer satisfaction and business that takes quality into account are the foundations for our business activities. The high standard of quality that our services display is possible thanks to an integrated management system that focuses on the needs of our customers and on globally accepted, international standards that is all based on TQM.

The fact that we are constantly implementing and developing our Medeg quality management makes our claims ratio very low. As part of our continual striving towards making the quality of our services even better, we monitor how cost-effective, safe, effective and efficient our processes are, and whether there is any room for improvement by taking into account the quality and service standards required by our customers.



MEDEG - Quality control

All of Medeg's business divisions and partners have their own, internal quality management systems. Improvements are constantly being introduced through regular internal and external audits as well as by monitoring internal and external processes.

As part of our 'Top Quality' philosophy, each and every employee is not only responsible for the quality of our services and solutions, but is also required to identify issues with quality and to actively participate in finding a solution.

The quality of services is underpinned by a comprehensive programme of employee training.