MEDEG European Landtransport -
we guarantee you won't be all at sea


MEDEG General Cargo Logistics is an excellent start for your general cargo.

The fast connection between you and your customers. Medeg General Cargo Logistics allows you to control the flow of your commodities with precision both nationally and across Europe by using fixed transport times.

With daily trips to and from all European countries, we have fine tuned the MEDEG general cargo transport system exactly to suit the needs of industry and business.
Export and import deliveries are fed into our pan-European transport system every day.

This means that we can at times deliver our customers' precious goods by the next day. MEDEG General Cargo Logistics offers you access to a pan-European network and guarantees to observe international, consistent quality standards together with our excellent network partners.



MEDEG Truck - European freight transport

Let us conquer borders together and tap into new markets. We develop national and international transport services that are specially tailored to focus on your requirements and structures.

As a comprehensive logistics service provider we offer you an entire range of efficient transport solutions for goods. We develop the right transport concept for each product, volume or weight and for each deadline.

Medeg Truck provides your company with efficient solutions for distributing your goods on both the local and international market. We ensure that processes run smoothly and always keep the costs in mind at the same time.



MEDEG Special - efficient, reliable and VERY resilient

As experts in heavy and special cargo, we consider it our duty to think everything through in detail, from the first feasibility survey right through to completing the whole project. Our team takes on responsibility for project management and for organising all the connections and stages in all fields of activity.

We select transport technology that is most suited to your needs, compile an expert report on the route, procure the exemption permits required and also organise loading and unloading upon request.

Medeg considers itself your partner in 'the most difficult matters'.  We respond to your individual needs with great flexibility and reliability in order to find the right solution for you.



MEDEG Nati - send your goods on a day trip

One of the areas in which we are expert is Swiss general cargo and freight transport. We distribute your goods across the whole of Switzerland within 24 hours. Whether refrigerated trucks, delivery vans for special trips, trailers, articulated lorries or special lorries, we will find the right vehicle for each mode of transport.